Interview with Booka Brass Band

Source: University Times

‘Ben O’Dwyer met up with Booka Brass Band after they were announced for Trinity Ball. Joined by James Doherty (JD), Rónán Scarlett (RS) and Jack Marks (JM). The group discuss the experiences they’ve had so far, juggling college and music and what the future holds for Booka Brass Band.

Your sound is very unique in Ireland, how did it all start?

JD: Well, we all met through band camp.

JM: Yeah, we were all classical players as kids, we all kind of knew each other through music courses, then about two and a half years ago, a number of us were living in Dublin and we started playing some old New Orleans Jazz numbers, then we started jamming and bringing in some pop songs into our sets and then towards the beginning of 2013 we started writing our own original stuff and building on that.’ …

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