Jacob Deaton Trio – November 5

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Jazz guitarist from the USA, Jacob Deaton, plays Upstairs in Dolan’s for the Limerick Jazz Society on Wednesday 5th November.

Jacob Deaton is busy in the states with bandleader Jonas Smith who got to the live finals of America’s Got Talent in 2014. Jacob is a well known jazz and session musician in Atlanta and comes to Ireland for the first time as a bandleader where he will be supported by Andrew Csibi on double bass and Kevin Lawlor on drums.

Deaton is one of the most in demand guitarists in South-East America and has had great success with his third solo album ‘My Home’ that peaked with headlining the 2013 Atlanta Jazz Festival. ‘My Home’ represents Jacob’s feelings of growing up in his home state of Indiana. “This record was a reflection of where I’ve come from and where I am now. Originally I grew up on acoustic based music and now I’m a jazz musician. This record was meant to merge the two into one cohesive musical expression” says Jacob.


Jacob Deaton’s debut offering Tribulation has the springiness of John Coltrane, the harmonious flow of Charlie Parker, and the nocturnal ethers of Thelonious Monk.
Deeply engrossed in the music, Deaton and his band revitalizes straight ahead jazz
with a contemporary glint and a touch of adult-pop fare

– Susan Frances, Yahoo!

Tribulation is a stellar debut release for this Indiana native and Atlanta
resident and proves you don’t necessarily have to go to New York to make
a name for yourself.

– Brent Black, Critical Jazz