[ARCHIVE] Edmar Castaneda Oct 24

Dolan’s Warehouse, 9pm, €15/€12

A Limerick Jazz Promotion in association with Music Network

EdmarCastaneda (2)“Producing cross-rhythms like a drummer, smashing chordal flourishes like a flamenco guitarist and collating bebop and Colombian music, he was almost a world unto himself. ” New York Times

“Simply astonishing. ” Bloomberg News


Edmar Castañeda has been described by the legendary Paquito D’Rivera as “an enormous talent. With his versatility and enchanting charisma, he has taken his harp out of the shadows, and become one of the most original musicians in the Big Apple.” Technically astounding, dazzling yet lush, muscular yet lyrical, Castañeda has single-handedly transformed the arpa llanera, or Colombian harp, into one serious jazz instrument.

When Castañeda steps onto the stage, it’s time to lock up your preconceptions and throw away the key. As a soloist, whether producing polyrhythms like a drummer, firing off chordal flourishes like a flamenco guitarist or fusing bebop and Colombian folk tunes, Castañeda is “a one-man musical wrecking crew” (Boston Herald). His style is thrillingly percussive and he plucks dynamic bass lines effortlessly with one hand while weaving complex counterpoint melodies with the other.

A powerful and passionate performer and a great communicator to boot, Castañeda has also collaborated with luminaries from multiple genres, including trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, guitarist John Scofield, celebrated Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba and the Irish singer Susan McKeown, on her acclaimed Black Thorn album.