The Limerick Jazz Schools Project is a new initiative devised by Limerick Jazz Society to introduce junior cycle students to jazz and to provide pathways for them take their interest further if they wish. Limerick Jazz Society will supply an experienced jazz educator to present the programme to second or third-year students in a participating school over four double periods. The key features of the programme are:

The rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic building blocks of jazz such as the blues and different rhythmic “feels” will be explained. The development of jazz will be explained by discussing the work of influential musicians such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holliday, Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck. 3.3 Make a study of a particular contemporary or historical musical style; analyse its structures and use of musical devices and describe the influence of other styles on it
The students will be introduced to the basics of small ensemble arranging, including working from lead sheets. 1.5 Read, interpret, and play from symbolic representation of sounds.
The students will be introduced to improvisation through techniques such as call and response and modifying an existing melodic phrase. 2.3 Adapt excerpts/motifs/themes from an existing piece of music by changing its feel, style, or underlying harmony.
The students will collectively create and perform a new musical composition. 2.5 Prepare and rehearse a musical work for an ensemble focusing on co-operation and listening for balance and intonation; refine the interpretation by considering elements such as clarity, fluency, musical effect and style.

Students who wish to undertake further study can apply to take part in Limerick Jazz Workshop’s junior classes. These take place on Saturdays at the Peter Dee Academy of Music and involve learning by performing jazz in an ensemble under the direction of an experienced jazz educator. At the end of each Autumn and Spring semester the ensembles perform to a live audience. Fees are five euro per class and bursaries are available.

If there enough interested students with the right balance of instruments in a particular school Limerick Jazz Society will work with the school to provide workshop classes on site.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Ed Hansom:
Telephone: 0866025661

Limerick Jazz Society has been promoting jazz in Ireland’s Mid-West for 40 years. We receive grant support from the Arts Council and Limerick City and County Council and became an approved charity in 2021. We have extensive experience in music education through Limerick Jazz Workshop and the International Vibes Workshop summer school, both of which were founded in 2007. All of the educators participating in the Limerick Jazz Schools project will are Garda vetted and our Child Protection Policy Statement can be viewed by clicking here.