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The published schedule and format for Young Irish Jazz Musician 2022 is what we intend to do. We are aware that we might have to rethink, so we’ll review our plans carefully throughout the competition and following the official safety advice as well as our own policies. If things do need to change to keep us all safe, or to follow government guidelines, or for any other reason, we will let everyone know as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about the impact of Covid-19 at any stage, please contact us. This event is organised by Limerick Jazz Society (referred to as” Limerick Jazz” below) in association with the Improvised Music Company.

To enter Young Irish Jazz Musician 2022, you must between the ages of 13 and 22 on 1 October 2021 and a resident of the island of Ireland.

We cannot accept entries from anyone closely related to anyone involved in the administration or production of the event.

Young Irish Jazz Musician 2022 is a fully inclusive project and positively welcomes applications from young jazz musicians with disabilities. 

To enter, you must fill in and submit the entry form, along with a photo, proof of age and your performance video. You may also be asked to provide proof of residence. Proof of residence and/or age will be destroyed once the entry has been validated. Your entry must include the signed consent of your parent or legal guardian.

You may enter on any instrument, including voice, and may perform any style of jazz. If you wish to enter separately on more than one instrument, you must submit a separate entry form and video for each instrument.

The closing date for applications is Monday, February 28th, 2022.

On your video you may play with a band, or solo, or in any combination, as long as your performance is showcased, and we are able to assess it. The quality of recording of audio or video will not be marked – there will be no penalty for poor recording quality once we are able to assess your performance. Each piece should be performed as a single take, with no editing or changing of shot within the piece. You may edit between pieces or submit separate videos for different pieces. Your video(s) will be kept for judging and reference. We are unable to refund expenses incurred in making your video. If you’re making a new video, you must follow the official guidelines on social distancing for the area where you live, both in the video itself and in the making of it.

At all stages, the judges’ decision is final, and we will not enter into any correspondence about results. The judging criteria are as follows (the aim of the judges will be to identify potential as well as existing accomplishment):

interpretation and stylistic awareness
instrumental or vocal technique
interaction with the other musicians (Final only)

At all stages the performance order will be decided by the organizers.

There is a time limit for each stage as follows:

Round One 10 minutes

Final 15 minutes

The time limits apply to music only, so any gaps between pieces don’t count. If you go over the time limit on your video, the rest of it won’t be watched. At the Final, we understand that things can stretch a bit and you might overrun a bit when you’re performing live. We ask that you try to stick to the time limit and suggest that you give yourself a bit of leeway. Any significant overrun might be taken into account when it comes to the scoring.

At the Final you will be playing with our house rhythm section. If you play piano, bass or drums you will replace that member of the band and play as a trio. If you play a frontline instrument or are a singer, you will join the rhythm section to make a quartet. You will need to provide charts or written out parts for the band members and a copy for the judges. You must provide your own instrument, unless you are a pianist or drummer, in which case you must play the instrument(s) provided by us.

At the Final one of your pieces must be either your own composition or your arrangement of a standard.

The Final will be filmed for future broadcast. Also, we may interview you on camera and/or make short films about the finalists for inclusion in the broadcast.

Written feedback from the judges is available on request.

Limerick Jazz will reimburse reasonable expenses for travel to and from the Final on production of a receipt / invoice. We will also pay expenses for an adult to travel with you. We are unable to reimburse expenses for travel from outside Ireland. We will provide accommodation (one hotel room per entrant) at the Final.

Limerick Jazz reserves the right to withdraw a participant if we (in our absolute discretion) consider them unable to cope with the pressures of the event, or unsuitable for any other reason.

If a finalist is unable to take part for any reason including illness, we will look at contingencies and make provision if possible but reserve the right to substitute an alternative entrant.

The winner of Young Irish Jazz Musician 2022 will receive:

  • A specially commissioned souvenir of the event
  • An opportunity to make a professional standard recording in a facility to be selected by Limerick Jazz. The house rhythm section will be available to participate
  • Participation in University Concert Hall, Limerick’s Rising Star Concert in 2022
  • A bursary to participate in an international summer school in 2022 or 2023 from a list of options selected by Limerick Jazz.


Terms and Conditions

By submitting a complete and valid application including a signed entry form, either online or by email:

  1. I agree to take part in Young Irish Jazz Musician 2020 and to abide by its rules, terms and conditions.
  2. As a condition of entry, I hereby consent to the photographing and recording (in audio or audio-visual) of my participation in Young Irish Jazz Musician 2020, the nature and content of which has been fully explained to me.
  3. I acknowledge that the adjudicators’ comments, both positive and negative, will be recorded and may be included in any broadcast or published output.
  4. I hereby assign the complete copyright in my contribution(s) and give all consents as may be required and grant to Limerick Jazz any and all rights necessary to enable  them to make the fullest use of any photographs and recordings without restriction in any and all media throughout the world for the duration of such rights. In particular I hereby grant to Limerick Jazz the unlimited right to edit, copy, alter, add to, take from, adapt or translate my contributions hereunder and in relation to such contributions hereby waive irrevocably all ‘moral rights’ which I have now or in the future.
  5. Limerick Jazz may without further consent use my name, likeness, biography, photographs of me and recordings of interviews with me in promoting and publicising the competition and broadcasts in all media formats worldwide.
  6. Limerick Jazz reserve the right to alter, amend or cancel the selection process and/or the programme at its absolute discretion. It is under no obligation to make or broadcast any programme containing my contributions. Limerick Jazz reserves the right to repeat any broadcasts or live streams.
  7. I warrant that I have truthfully and accurately completed the entry form and acknowledge and agree that Limerick Jazz may in its sole discretion disqualify any applicant from any part of the selection process or the programme itself and that it may disqualify me if I have breached this or any other rule, term or condition. I understand that if I reach the Final I may be contacted and asked for further information about myself, including a background check.
  8. If you provide us with special category personal data (for example, in relation to your health for the purposes of dietary requirements or access needs), we will only process this for the purposes of journalism, arts and literature, or in circumstances where you have provided your consent, or otherwise where the law allows. Such personal data will generally be restricted to relevant members of the programme’s production team and crew and the programme’s external experts and professional advisers (where relevant).
  9. I have informed my parent or guardian before providing their personal data to Limerick Jazz. I understand I may withdraw my consent to the disclosure or use of my special category personal data at any time prior to my participation in the Final.
  10. Limerick Jazz’s Child Protection Policy applies to all participants. We will follow our normal practice in relation to dealing with any child protection concern. You can find our Child Protection Policy and information about  our guidelines for working with children and young people at: www.limerickjazzfestival.com/About Us/Child Protection Policy.
  11. I agree at the request of the Limerick Jazz to take part in publicity events in connection with Young Irish Jazz Musician 2020.
  12. Limerick Jazz  shall not be liable to me or my legal representative for any loss or damage or injury to me or my property caused or suffered in connection with Limerick Jazz’s hosting on the competition unless caused by the negligence of Limerick Jazz and recoverable on that ground.
  13. I agree that my contribution shall not contain anything which is an infringement of copyright or which is calculated to bring Limerick Jazz into disrepute or which is defamatory provided however that Limerick Jazz shall not be entitled to bring claim against me in respect of any defamatory material that was included in my contribution without negligence or malice on my part.
  14.       Privacy Notice

Thank you for applying to take part in Young Irish Jazz Musician 2020. You have provided us with information (“personal data”) about yourself in your entry form. This personal data includes your name, date of birth, address, email address, phone number, school or college name, a photo of yourself and a copy of your proof of age. 

You have also provided us with personal data about your parent / legal guardian. This data includes your parent / legal guardian’s name, email address and signature.

Limerick Jazz is responsible for handling personal data you provide, including your contribution(s) to Young Irish Jazz Musician 2022, in accordance with data protection law. Limerick Jazz has a legitimate interest in using your personal data for journalistic, artistic and literary purposes and for the performance of your agreement with Limerick Jazz and fulfilling our legal obligations. You may also provide special category data, for example, in relation to your health for the purposes of dietary requirements or access needs which may be used for the purposes of journalism, arts and literature, or in circumstances where you have provided your consent, or otherwise where the law allows. Where we process your personal information for our legitimate interests, we will carefully consider any impact on you and will not use your personal information where such impact overrides our interests.

Your personal data will generally be restricted to relevant members of the competition’s production team and crew, as well as the competition’s third-party experts (where relevant). Where necessary, we may also share information with other competition staff, with our professional advisors, and from time to time with other media outlets that may have an interest in your contribution to Young Irish Jazz Musician 2020.

Your auditions and performances will be filmed and may be used in future broadcasts and live streams. The Final will be recorded for broadcast. If you are selected to be part of any broadcast, Limerick Jazz may retain some information relating to your contribution in perpetuity. We will retain other information (such as your application form, contact details, and any relevant information collected in connection with fitness to participate (including relevant medical information)), for up to 7 years in line with our data retention schedule. If you are not selected to be part of the competition, we will delete your data no later than 12 months from the end of the selection process. The copy of your birth certificate, passport or driving licence will be destroyed once your entry has been validated. If you wish to withdraw your entry, we will delete the data from our system and/or destroy your postal application, as relevant.