Limerick Jazz has been increasingly active in jazz education since 2007:

  • Limerick Jazz Workshop was founded in 2007 and has provided jazz education to more than 200 students of all ages and backgrounds. Students learn jazz skills in an ensemble format, guided by an expert jazz educator. They give a concert/ ‘jam’ performance in a public venue at the end of each Spring and Autumn semester to showcase skills learnt.
  • The first ever Young Irish Jazz Musician event was staged at UCH in 2022, a rising star incentive that will take place every second year. Six young musicians from across Ireland performed for an expert panel of judges led by Bill Whelan. Limerick Jazz Society devised and promoted this event in partnership with the Improvised Music Company. We plan to stage the next event in 2024.
  • At a local level we have already run a pilot scheme for the Limerick Jazz Schools’ Project. This introduces Junior-cycle music students to jazz and offers them the opportunity to play regularly in an ensemble.
  • At a national level we want to reform the Irish National Youth Jazz Orchestra (last active in the 1980s) as a week-long summer schools’ event hosted by University of Limerick.